Are You Putting Lives at Risk?

Did you know that driver inattention is a factor in more than one million crashes in North America annually? It is estimated that drivers are doing something potentially distracting more than 15 percent of the time their vehicles are in motion.

To help keep yourself, your family members, and others on the road safe, follow these simple tips:

• Plan ahead and make vehicle adjustments, including the radio, prior to putting the vehicle in gear
• Read maps or program your trip into your GPS or mobile device before you get on the road
• Avoid temptation of using a cell phone while driving; pull over to a safe place to talk on the phone, text, or email
• Stop to eat or drink; do not be tempted to eat and drink while driving
• Pull over to take care of children
• Do not drive with pets unsecured in your vehicle; pets can be a major distraction to drivers in the vehicle

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